Motaquip appointed VLS member



Motaquip, the UK-based parts and lubricants supplier, has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to quality by registering as a member of the Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS).


As the name suggests, the VLS works in conjunction with the lubricant industry to pursue any potentially incorrect or falsely-claimed product quality or standard. Working independently, the organisation acts on any claims by investigating the compliance and performance of lubricant products (such as oil) to ensure industry standards are maintained within the UK. Liaising with market participants, relevant authorities and industry bodies, the VLS focuses on the education of any false claims as well as undertaking any necessary remedial action required to improve compliance.


Motaquip offers a hugely diverse range of replacement parts for all makes and models but is also well established in motor oils and lubricants with a range of premium options that are blended in the UK. Like all Motaquip products the primary focus of this range is on quality, a commitment that is only emphasised and amplified through VLS membership. Motaquip General Manager, Peter Cox comments:


“I firmly believe there is an obvious synergy between Motaquip and the VLS – the shared focus on quality!


“For more than three decades Motaquip has prided itself on delivering quality across every single product segment, with motor oils and lubricants being no exception. Motaquip’s tie-in with the VLS, an organisation whose modus operandi is to ensure quality and clarity within the lubricant sector, is a perfect alignment for our brand and we are delighted to have become an associate member.”


VLS Secretary and Director General of UKLA, David Wright, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Motaquip to our lubricants industry initiative. VLS now has nearly 30 members from across the lubricants industry. As we work together, we can provide a credible and trusted means to verify lubricant specifications and protect and educate end users.”


The Motaquip brand is well-established in the UK aftermarket and a growing force in international markets, thanks to a product range that delivers quality from top-to-bottom. Joining the VLS is a significant demonstration of the brands quality commitment and adds further credibility to its oil and lubricant offering.


For more information on the VLS, visit www.ukla-vls.org.uk