• Trusted aftermarket parts supplier Motaquip launches all-new wiper blade line-up
  • Premium Hydroglide package offers conventional blades, flat blade sets, retrofit, universal fit, hybrid and rear blades
  • eQuip, a high-quality, value conscious range, delivers standard blades across 13 essential references
  • Comprehensive line-up provides silent, smear-free wiping to 95% of the European, Korean and Japanese vehicle parc

Trusted automotive parts brand Motaquip has relaunched its wiper blade line-up, establishing two new product lines. They are: Hydroglide - a premium range of blades featuring the latest state-of-the-art technologies with LHD applications for export markets. and - eQuip, a focused, value-conscious package delivering Motaquip-quality standard blades across all popular blade lengths. 
Catering for a wide range of consumers, Motaquip’s all-new, wiper package services 95% of European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars and delivers the brand's core values of premium quality and exceptional performance. 
Motaquip Hydroglide delivers a broad spectrum of options including conventional blades, flat blade sets, retrofit, universal fit, hybrid and rear blades.  Original Equipment (OE) levels of performance and quality are assured thanks to the use of premium quality materials and world class manufacturing, attributes which combine to deliver silent, smear-free operation, proven durability and quick, easy, flawless fitment.   Striking in design, this quality range comes complete with fitting videos which are available through the Motaquip website or via a QR code found on the outer packaging.
The eQuip range offers a quality standard blade option across 13 essential wiper types with sizes ranging from 330mm (13”) up to 700mm (28”).  Designed to meet a value-conscious price point, each streamlined, metal construction blade offers quick, easy installation and no-nonsense performance.
“We are delighted to bring to market our all-new, dual-range wiper blade package,” said Peter Cox, Motaquip General Manager “This offering has been designed with quality and performance at its core and provides options aplenty for those customers wishing to upgrade their wipers to a premium product, utilising the very latest technology.  The sheer breadth and quality on offer means Motaquip can confidently claim to be at the cutting edge of the wiper blade market.” 

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CONVENTIONAL - A wiper blade range offering universal hook and unique fit/spray bar type designs. Provides original factory quality for vehicles with metal conventional wipers. Manufactured with a combination of premium natural rubber and high-strength steel for durable performance. Pre-assembled connectors allow for fast and simple wiper fitment. Available in lengths from 280mm (11”) to 700mm (28”).
FLAT BLADE SETS - Vehicle-specific sets. Direct fit connection to the wiper arm without the need for loose adapters. Asymmetrical spoilers resist wind lift better than symmetrical options for improved wiping performance even at high speeds. OE rubber formulation combines with graphite coating for extended service life. Twin Rail Steel Spline gives even pressure distribution and reduces noise.
FLAT BLADE MULTI FIT - Compact range of universal blades.  Asymmetrical spoilers available in both LHD and RHD configurations to resist wind lift for improved wiping performance even at high speeds. Innovative Motaquip connection system is compatible with popular modern wiper arms. Dual contact Motaquip coupling ensures even pressure distribution for optimal screen contact.
HYBRID BLADES - Stylised plastic spoiler provides a high-strength shell to safeguard the blade & reduce wind lift. Beam blade sub structure delivers numerous contact points for even pressure distribution across the blade length. Hydroglide hybrid blades can also be used as a retro-fit upgrade to convert conventional hook arm wiper blades to the latest hybrid technology. Patented universal connector fits all 9x3mm & 9x4mm hook wiper arms.  Available in lengths from 300mm (12”) to 700mm (28’’).
RETRO-FIT -Retro-fit beam blade to upgrade conventional wipers to the very latest vehicle technology. Patent-protected universal adapter provides simple, secure fitment to all 9x3mm and 9x4mm hook wiper arms. Specially formulated rubber compound is manufactured to OE specifications for superior performance. Designed with a single spline beam for consistent pressure along the length of the blade that delivers even screen contact
REAR - Beam design and structure for even pressure distribution and optimal screen contact. OE fit connection system for quick and easy direct replacement.  Moulded plastic OE styling with high UV resistance for excellent durability. Available in lengths from 180mm (7”) to 400mm (16’’).
The eQuip range offers 13 essential wiper types at a value-conscious price point. Available only as standard blades, eQuip offers sizes from 330mm (13”) to 700mm to (28’’). Each streamlined, metal construction blade offers quick, easy installation and no-nonsense performance. Direct fitment to all 9x3 and 9x4 hook wiper arms.