New Website Launched



After months of planning, the first phase of Motaquip’s new website has gone live.

Not only does it look great, it contains a depth of technical product information unsurpassed by rivals about what makes each Motaquip product superior. It also details Motaquip’s heritage, from its inception by Peugeot three decade’s ago to its modern-day identity as a prestigious brand and growing exporter of sought after car parts. It also makes use of customer case studies, an expanded news feature, and sections detailing the important added value customers expect with Motaquip.
Peter Cox, General Manager, said he was delighted with the first phase of the website project.
“This website will serve as the foundation of our brand in the UK and abroad. Anyone, anywhere will now be able to find us and see instantly that we’re an expert parts supplier with a glowing reputation and fantastic history,” he said.
“The level of detail within will be a great reference point for customers and end users alike seeking an introduction to the brand or wanting to find out why our products are superior.”

There are two significant additions to the website in the coming months, including an upgraded, easy-to-use eCat and a users’ area that will allow distributors to sign in and access marketing materials and merchandise. There will also be the added option to change into one of several languages, making it the ideal platform for Motaquip's growing status as an exporter.
Peter added: “As our brand continues to expand, this site will help boost customers’ perception of Motaquip in the UK, Ireland, and beyond. It will provide a great first impression for potential customers across Europe and sets the standard when compared to our rivals.”