With access to exclusive technology and world-class manufacturing facilities, our latest generation braking range is truly unique.
Engineered to compliment and protect a vehicle’s Original Equipment, Motaquip’s braking range features our exclusively developed friction materials and an array of robust wear and tear parts. Utilising premium raw materials and Motaquip’s cutting edge manufacturing facilities, Motaquip guarantee:

Superior bedding-in process

Consistent performance throughout service life

Smooth, silent stopping power


Tested beyond R90 Regulations

Composed of Motaquip’s latest generation M100 friction material and fitted with our Noise Control Technology, our brake pads raise the benchmark for aftermarket brake pad performance. Tested well beyond industry R90 regulations, our pads are proven to be resistant to heat, corrosion, and extreme shear stresses.

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Resistant to the extreme

Coated as standard with our zinc-based composite and infused with lamellar graphite, our heavy duty discs are built to effectively disperse the extreme temperatures inevitable in modern braking performance.

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Each Motaquip caliper is supplied all-new from the factory and is designed to ensure every vehicle is ready for the road ahead.

Crafted from cast iron or lightweight aluminium, Motaquip calipers Inspire driver confidence by delivering impeccable braking performance with every push of the pedal.


Engineered to precise OE specifications

Motaquip wear leads are thermally resistant to engineered to precise OE specifications. Fitted with rugged sensor equipment, they ensure reliable performance.
Fitting kits containing heavy duty, high tensioned springs and clips, Motaquip’s fitting kits ensure braking systems retain full functionality and peak performance.

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OE Standards

Motaquip offer like-for-like replacement wheel cylinders with the same tolerances and performance criteria as Original Equipment. Featuring heavy-duty castings and high quality, temperature-resistant dust caps, our wheel cylinders can be fitted with confidence.

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Brake drums
& BRAKE shoes  

For everything you need

Motaquip brake drums are manufactured to precise material and dimensional specifications and forged with grey cast iron fused with lamellar graphite to resist thermal cracking. Our range also covers drums with internal bearings, ensuring a perfect, accurate fit first time, and an integrated bearing that’s simpler and quicker to fit in the workshop.
To achieve maximum surface area contact, Motaquip brake shoes are accurately contoured with a hard-wearing, heat-proof friction material hard-bonded to the shoe backing. All integrated pivots, springs, and pins are resistant to corrosive chemicals, extreme temperature and mechanical stress.

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Protected against corrosion

Our handbrake cables are made from a reinforced metallic multi-strand, corrosion resistant thread. This enhances flexibility as the wires are able to slide over each other during engagement. The result is long-lasting brake cable that is protected from corrosion by Motaquip’s cable surface treatments.

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