Coated as standard with our anti-corrosion composite and fused with lamellar graphite, our heavy-duty discs are built to disperse the extreme temperatures inevitable in modern braking.


Motaquip brake discs have been configured to set the benchmark for aftermarket performance in terms of thermal endurance, hardness, and system integration. Precision engineered for perfect braking balance across the rotation axis, our discs help deliver sharp, silent and consistent stopping power from the moment of installation.

Braking in modern vehicles loaded with passengers can quickly create heat of several hundred degrees Celsius on disc surfaces - but not all of that thermal energy is distributed evenly. Our discs’ chemical properties ensure they remain uniformly rigid under both mechanical and thermal stress for their entire service life.
This is thanks to our advanced self-ventilation design, so discs can dissipate around 85% of friction heat away from brake pads and into the surrounding atmosphere. Because they’re forged from a specific iron-based alloy, they have extraordinary capacity to heat to hundreds of degrees Celsius without disc warping or cracking becoming a risk – even in high performance vehicles.

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