Motaquip brake drums are precision engineered from lamellar graphite infused iron to ensure they set the benchmark for aftermarket performance in terms of thermal endurance, hardness, and system integration.
Virtually entirely resistant to warping and thermal cracking, high quality build materials ensure an accurate fit and maximum surface contact with each application’s brake shoes. This helps maximise performance, reduce wear, and dissipate friction heat.

Balance for true fitment

All Motaquip Brake Drums are machined to the tightest tolerances in our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure proper fitment and smooth operation. Perfect integration keeps dust, abrasive chemicals, and water out of the internal braking mechanism and helps eliminate vibrations and potential judder.


Manufacturing to minimal production tolerances means that Motaquip brake shoes perform to exacting standards dictated by OE.

Our advanced bonding, friction material and corrosion inhibitors result in a premium quality product that compliments the Motaquip braking range.

Wherever application dictates, Motaquip Brake Shoes include all fitting componentry to ensure easy first time fit.

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