Motaquip brake pads combine several enhanced technologies to create our latest generation pad – which guarantees silent, powerful, stopping performance.

Carefully designed and engineered to exactly replicate OE performance characteristics, our pads not only comply with R90 Regulation standards, but are also subjected to our own additional in-house tests. The range covers the entirety of European and Asian car parc.


The secret of our pads’ performance is our latest generation M100 friction material – specifically developed by Motaquip for high friction, low wear, corrosion-resistant braking.

Formulated and perfected to possess a high friction coefficient without being overly aggressive on discs, its performance indicators remain relatively consistent, even when tested in wet conditions, salt exposure, and exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. Our investment in this material means our pads compliment OE braking systems by matching performance criteria, as well as physical and chemical characteristics.


Motaquip’s Noise Control Technology ensures our pads perform silently throughout their service life, even in demanding situations, to ensure maximum friction with minimal noise.

Designed to absorb and prevent a wide spectrum of audible frequencies, it insulates resonant vibrations thanks to a pre-stressed steel plate housed between two layers of thermal-proof, textured rubber composite. Fixed to the hardened steel base plate with a heatproof adhesive, our anti-vibration shims also serves to help thermally insulate the calliper and reduce the risk of the hydraulic system overheating.


 Motaquip pads haven’t just been designed for outstanding long-term performance, but to make an instant impact on end users. To this end, our bedding-in compound has been developed to provide a smooth pedal feel from the moment of installation. The bedding-in compound also helps to insure the whole pad is introduced to the disc surface to protect against potential premature disc wear.


Our and commitment to an exhaustive product testing program ensures every Motaquip brake pad delivers truly advanced stopping power. ECE R90 regulations subject all brake pads to a set of default tests but, in order to truly assess performance, Motaquip pushes its brake pads beyond these R90 requirements with a series of additional testing procedures.

R90 Testing

  • Speed Sensitivity
  • Hot Braking Performance
  • Cold Equivalence
  • Compressibility
  • Cold Shear Strength
  • Krauss Friction Tests

Motaquip Testing in Addition to R90

  • Hot Shear Strength
  • AK Master Performance testing on Dynamometer
  • Vehicle Based Life and Performance Testing
  • Vehicle and Dynamometer based noise testing
  • Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance Tests
  • Hardness Testing

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