Protecting engines. Protecting passengers.

Motaquip’s bourgeoning filter range sits at the forefront of technological advancement and performance.
Using the latest generation of filtration medias, Motaquip ensure near perfect purity of air, oil, and fuel to allow maximum levels of performance and driving pleasure. Motaquip has specialised in automotive filtration since our inception in 1981, and while technology has moved on, our commitment to setting the benchmark for aftermarket performance remains.

Meticulously designed to withstand the pressures, demands, and temperature fluctuations of modern engines, Motaquip filters represent the pinnacle of vehicle integration, performance, and reliability.


Discover how our specialised fibre mesh, structured for the precise filtration of pressurised fuels, helps engines achieve potent combustion with minimal by-products.

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Air Filters

Motaquip air filters are developed from the ground-up to protect engines from the widest array of air pollutants as possible while maximising flow-rates.

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Due to an ever-wider array of composite materials and increased sensitivity to corrosion, modern engines are increasingly reliant on unblemished lubrication.

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Cabin Filters

With an increased airflow capacity made up of premium fibre materials, Motaquip cabin filters reduce impurities in vehicles by up to six times compared to vehicles with inactive filters.

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