Truly advanced fuel filters

To achieve potent combustion with minimal adverse by-products, Motaquip fuel filters utilise our specialised fibre mesh, structured for the precise filtration of pressurised fuels.
Each Motaquip fuel filter is specifically calibrated to each application’s demands to provide ultimate protection for all fuel injection systems. By capturing not only harmful particulate contaminants but also water – we ensure optimum operating conditions for engines throughout service intervals. Our latest generation of filtration media use only premium raw materials and have been developed and perfected ever since Motaquip first began specialising in filtration over three decades ago.
Modern combustion demands that 90 per cent pf contaminants the size of three microns are removed via filtration processes. Motaquip fuel filters are designed to capture virtually all such impurities and contain ample capacity for their typically substantial service life.
Our meticulous attention to detail also means Motaquip fuel filters have been engineered to integrate flawlessly into each application. Ensuring superior isolation of fuel systems allows maximum protection and fuel pressure. This helps vehicles run close to 100 per cent efficiency and means fewer operating variables such as temperature and vibrations are able to influence

Irrespective of the quality of fuel, it will always contain (at least) trace impurities such as water, metallic dust, rust, organic material and crystallized paraffin. Modern diesel engines are particularly prone to impurities. We have designed filters which efficiently deal with all of these materials, each of which poses a threat to any modern diesel engine.
The importance of purified fuel is underlined by the fact that unlike oil filters, fuel filters never contain a bypass valve when the filters are full to capacity – the rule being that only clean fuel goes into the combustion chamber.

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