Due to an ever-wider array of composite materials and increased sensitivity to corrosion, modern engines are increasingly reliant on unblemished lubrication.

As these sensitivities have increased, Motaquip has modernised its oil filter range to include the latest generation of filter technologies. This ensures engines are free from the impurities and combustion residue that can cause permanent damage to vital components. This is achieved by using premium filter fibres that captures ever-smaller particulates without hindering lubrication flow rates.
With Motaquip design and engineering taking account of every detail, vital components such as anti-backflow valves and rubber sealant rings are set perfectly to ensure common faults in aftermarket oil filters, such as leakage during idling, are never a possibility with Motaquip filters.
In addition to increased filter effectiveness, Motaquip oil filters are also subject to other design enhancements that increase effectiveness. These include:
  • Reinforced base casing to withstand the higher temperatures fluctuations and pressures of more demanding applications.
  • Specialised engineering and manufacturing techniques that ensure a higher accuracy of fitment and integration.
  • Premium materials, not only in the filter media, but also the temperature-proof composite rubber sealants that ensure flow circuits remain sealed tight.

Fitting Motaquip oil filters ensures longer lasting engines that are protected from dry-starts, combustion particles, and premature damage.
With vehicle manufacturers more specific than ever about which oil is compatible with their engines, oil filters have become more vital than ever in protecting the modern additives that prevent metal on metal contact in the valve train.

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