Premium oils blended in the UK

Motaquip’s lubricants have been engineered to protect the latest generation of engine technologies and help ensure vehicles fulfil their efficiency potentials.
Each Motaquip grade of oil has been tailored to provide a range of benefits specific to the technology it was engineered for. Our quality control procedures are enforced by a highly skilled team of lubricant specialists to ensure the core foundation of the manufacturing process provide quality and reliability in every instance.
  • Protects engines against the causes of wear and tear by reducing friction and corrosion.
  • Helps keep engines cleaner by preventing the deposit of impurities.
  • Ensures optimum cylinder compression and maximum engine efficiency.
  • Improve levels of fuel efficiency and performance.


Blended in the UK

With manufacturing and blending operations based in the UK, we work closely with industry experts to collaborate with the world’s major automotive OEMs to provide unique advantages for our aftermarket customers.
Developments include stronger protective coatings for component surfaces and superior viscosity characteristics to improve flow rates; while advanced production processes maintain optimum performance levels and cleaner, more efficient engines.


Wide ranging solutions

Motaquip’s oil range caters for a huge range of passenger and commercial vehicles: from low SAPS engine oils for vehicles with diesel particulate filters to fully synthetic oil for hybrid engines.
In combining excellence in manufacturing and testing above and beyond the required performance levels for temperature, viscosity, and purity, the end results are greater engine reliability through superior protection, cleanliness, and longevity.

Premium gear oil

Containing advanced extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to ensure smooth sliding actions, Motaquip transmission oils guarantee premium levels of protection.
Blended to high viscosity levels with anti-corrosive agents, they ensure components remain protected in an array of temperature and pressure conditions to ensure maximum longevity of gear and transmission components.