Engineered to achieve better fuel economy, reduced engine emissions, tighter shift feel, and improved vehicle handling.

Through careful engineering, rigid construction, and premium build materials, our transmission components are built to instantly transfer huge amounts of torque through the powertrain. Through superior expertise and build, Motaquip aspires for every vehicle to retain all the handling characteristics it first left the factory with.

With hardened alloys and premium friction materials at their care, our range performs consistently in all temperatures and humidity. Critical parts are tested in real world conditions in UK test centres and are able to thrive in the most demanding conditions, even within the most powerful vehicles.

Smooth, silent wheel bearings

Calibrated to the same torque, friction, and build properties as original equipment, Motaquip wheel bearings offer rigid replacements that run smoothly and silently. This is due to Motaquip’s high quality, heat-proof lubricants, even load distribution construction, and the hardened materials used throughout.
Motaquip offer two bearing ranges: Premium OE products and competitively priced aftermarket solutions.

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Engineered with reinforced base materials, low-wear friction material and painstakingly designed and tested for a right-first-time fit, Motaquip clutches transfer every bit of torque into bite. Calibrated to OE specification for each application and tested in real-world conditions in the UK, our clutches offer complete piece of mind.

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Universal CV Boots

Now no need to keep over 300 different boots in stock 

Covering a huge array of vehicles, Motaquip’s neoprene rubber Universal CV Boot Kits offer durable, easy to fit replacements. Engineered in the UK with durable rubber moulded with thick walls to allow optimum fitment and tensioning, Motaquip boots provide perfect sealants around banding points.

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