Constructed with premium friction material and painstakingly designed for a right-first-time fit, Motaquip clutches transfer every bit of torque into bite. All Motaquip clutches offer increased reliability and maximum performance due to low-wear friction parts and are carefully engineered for a right-first-time fitment.

Motaquip’s Clutch Range consists of

  • Clutch Kits
  • SMF Kits (Conventional solid flywheel replacement kits for dual mass flywheel applications)
  • CSC Kits (Clutch Kit including Concentric Slave Cylinder)
  • CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinders)


Motaquip utilise a woven phenolic resin material with exceptional friction modifiers including metallic oxides and compounded rubber. This temperature-resistant, hard-wearing compound offers wear characteristics that aids smooth plate engagement, powerful grip, and long lasting reliability.



Fast transfer of significant torque and RPM

Absorption of heat caused by engagement and disengagement

Smooth engagement and disengagement action

UK-Based Testing

As part of the product development process, Motaquip clutches aren’t just tested on simulation rigs, but also inside the vehicles they’re designed for, in real-world conditions at UK test centres. This means mechanics can trust the Motaquip brand when it comes to choosing a clutch system that will fit first time and perform every bit as well as the vehicle’s Original Equipment.


Dual mass flywheel
conversion kits

Due to reliability issues of many OE Dual Mass Flywheels (DMFs), Motaquip offer clutch conversion kits to replace these designs with Single Mass Flywheels (SMFs). SMF clutches are not only more reliable, they are more economic replacements than DMFs. Our range covers a wide range of both passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Also available in the Motaquip range

  • Clutch Kits
  • Concentric Slave Cylinders
  • Release Bearings

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