wiper blades

with premium rubber and tensioned structures

Motaquip wiper blades ensure precise uniform distribution of pressure along the wiping edge. Keeping the blade closer to the windscreen ensures clear vision at high speeds and reduced wind noise.


Motaquip provide solutions for traditional blade designs for front and rear applications in addition to our latest generation of flat blades. All come with instructions specific to each application and fitting clips to ensure a quick, easy, and flawless fit.

premium contact rubber

Motaquip wipers employ precision cut natural rubber at point of contact – this ensures longevity and silent, smear-free, wiping performance. Our rubber composition ensures resistance to cracking, splitting, and wear through seasonal temperature extremes. The material is also highly resistant to chemicals found in abrasive washer fluid and road spray.

wide range

a wiper blade for every vehicle:

  • Conventional Wipers
  • Flat Blades
  • Retro Fits
  • Universal Fits
  • Rear Blades
  • Hybrid Blades

Easy to fit

with online video instructions

Each application comes with an easy-to-follow visual fitting guide and a simple clip-on attachment to secure the blade onto the wiper arm. Easy fitment means blades can be replaced quickly, easily, and by hand.

Fitment can take place straight out of the box with the heavy duty connectors supplied where necessary. The videos are accessible by scanning a QR code located on product packaging.

flat blades

aerodynamic contours

Motaquip’s latest generation of flat blades reduce wind noise and mean less obstruction to the diver’s vision. The hardened aerodynamic frame is contoured to provide a better wrap on today’s curved windshields.


The rigid frame and premium rubber combine to produce a more efficient wiping mechanism that means less drag, less smear, and so less wear on the rubber contact strip. Since there are fewer moving parts in our flat blades, their wear-rate is reduced and reliability is increased in comparison to traditional design blades.

As with all Motaquip wiper blades, visual fitting guide is supplied as standard along with fitting clips that can be clicked into the wiper arm by hand.